Top 10 Careers
The year's hottest jobs are hiring in droves, paying well, and providing room to grow.

Registered Nurse $44,190-$95,130
Software Developer $54,360-$87,790
Pharmacist $82,090-$138,620
Medical Assistant $20,810-$40,190
Database Administrator $41,570-$115,660
Web Developer $43,190-$119,940
Computer Systems Analyst $48,360-$119,070
Physical Therapist $53,620-$107,920
Computer Programmer $40,820-$114,180
Occupational $48,920-$102,520
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Billings auto dealer Steve Zabawa believes that Rimrock Auto Group’s new GMC Cadillac store on Shiloh Road is the best location in Billings.
For the health of it: Gluten-free products are a fast-growing segment in food
Frequent migraine headaches made Krista Stetson’s life miserable from the time she was a teen-ager.
Special Report: Custom jeweler always had his sights on running his own business
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Growth on Shiloh Road leads to expansion for Stockman Bank
When Stockman Bank opened a branch at 1450 Shiloh Road 12 years ago, employees sometimes joked about working at a frontier outpost.
Entrepreneurs: Celebrating traditions at heart of Laurel restaurant
The restaurant is named for the great-grandmother of one of the cooks, and the old-fashioned aprons of other grandmothers hang on the wall.
Fuel fix: Duo recycles leftover propane from bottles
Brad Fimrite and Wayne Wilson of Billings helped Yellowstone National Park solve a nagging waste disposal issue by developing a machine that recycles leftover fuel from propane cylinders that …
St. V’s continues expansion by buying up 2 more private practices
One year after buying Frontier Cancer Center, St. Vincent Healthcare has purchased two more private practices in Billings — the Montana Heart Institute and Big Sky OB/GYN.
The changing lives of baby doctors
Jean Randall’s mother was Dr. Dan Molloy’s patient when he was a surgeon in Whitefish.