Top 10 Careers
The year's hottest jobs are hiring in droves, paying well, and providing room to grow.

Registered Nurse $44,190-$95,130
Software Developer $54,360-$87,790
Pharmacist $82,090-$138,620
Medical Assistant $20,810-$40,190
Database Administrator $41,570-$115,660
Web Developer $43,190-$119,940
Computer Systems Analyst $48,360-$119,070
Physical Therapist $53,620-$107,920
Computer Programmer $40,820-$114,180
Occupational $48,920-$102,520
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It's Montana's time for tourism
MISSOULA — If you could get every person on earth to spend just 50 cents in Montana once a year, you would pump more than $3.5 billion into the state’s economy.
Stronger than before: Missoula returns to pre-recession economy
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BUTTE — Southwest Montana is anchored by two metropolitan centers — Butte and Bozeman — and the economic outlook for the region is a tale of two cities.
MSU research, long a boon to Bozeman high-tech, sharpening emphasis on economic development
BOZEMAN — In Gallatin Valley, now the fastest-growing urban economy in the state, farmers grow wheat to make bread, while entrepreneurial engineers develop satellites about the size of a loaf.
Bozeman bouncing back after recession
BOZEMAN — Bozeman’s economy took a thrashing during the recession — at least compared to most of Montana. But by many measures, it’s bounding back with enthusiasm.
Weather, cattle prices color the 2014 agriculture economy
Phil Steinberger was one of the lucky farmers. He got his wheat in the ground early, harvested in mid-July, and was done farming when all hell broke loose across Montana in August.
More companies offering holiday bonuses
More employees are going to see something extra in their stocking from their boss this year.
Bakken banks outperform rest of Montana, North Dakota
It didn’t take long for the deposits of Bakken oil and gas royalties to begin piling up at Richland Federal Credit Union.
'All factors point to very positive' for Billings, Eastern Montana
With low unemployment, falling fuel prices, and growing consumer demand, the greater Billings area and most of Eastern Montana have been enjoying a good run, experts say.
Facing infrastructure challenges, Bakken towns struggle to cash in on oil boom
Sometimes, if you’re not ready to catch an opportunity, it lands on you just the same.
Charter planning to hire 100 new workers in Billings
Charter Communications is seeking to hire 100 new employees in Billings, primarily in sales and customer retention, company officials announced Wednesday.
Email outage hits Charter customers
Officials at Charter Communications say they are working to fix problems with the email system for customers with addresses in Montana.
Developers still seeking oil patch housing in tiny Fryburg
FRYBURG, N.D. — Despite a predicted downturn in oil drilling, developers whose proposed project was rejected earlier this year, are back with a scaled-down plan to turn the former Fryburg scho…
Laughing Sun Brewing moves into distribution
BISMARCK, N.D. — A local brew house is taking advantage of a new law allowing small brewers to distribute their own beer.